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The PDRA Annual Marketing Program features QUARTERS magazine, a design and lifestyle publication, customized to each participating PDRA Member.

QUARTERS magazine is a paint and décor special interest publication for DIY consumers and lovers of all things design. Available exclusively to PDRA members and their customers, QUARTERS offers a way for you to position your business as a trusted industry expert. High-quality editorial features combine with content customizable to your business, resulting in a unique piece that will help you to engage with customers like never before.

Following a complete redesign by award-winning publishing company SLM Media Group, QUARTERS will be produced twice per year, targeting homeowners during the key remodeling seasons of spring and fall.

Each Issue Will Contain:

  • The latest industry trends
  • Step-by-step DIY guides
  • Q&A’s with design personalities
  • Inspired interior pictorials
  • Additional magazine copies can be purchased
  • And much more

Take advantage of this opportunity to bring value to your core customers while you attract new ones. With pages of the magazine tailored to your business, you have the flexibility to showcase the products and services you want readers to know about most.


Quarters FAQ Video

Editorial Calendar

Spring/Summer Issue

Color Forecast 2017

Delivery date: Mid-April

Fall/Winter Issue

Interior Design Forecast 2017

Delivery date: Mid-October