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PDRA: A proud history and an exciting future!

1949-pdra-history-photoOn May 18th, 1947, the Retail Paint and Wallpaper Distributors of America (RPWDA) was announced in Chicago, IL. The founding Board of Directors included Edgar Koretz (President), Beatrice Weiner (Vice-President), Ephraim Faber (Secretary), Lee Schroeder (Treasurer), Walter Krefetz, Abe Adler, Nathan Israel, Sidney Beyer, J.R. VandenBerg, Gerald McDermott, and Abe Siegal. The association was formed to represent retail paint and wallpaper distributors (stores) throughout the country. The following year, the first RPWDA tradeshow was held in Chicago.

While the mission to support the independent was continuous, the association name changed throughout the years before finally becoming the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association in 1996. In 1962 the name changed to the Paint & Wallpaper Association of America (PWAA) and then again in 1972 to the National Decorating Products Association (NDPA).

Providing information to the industry has always been important to the Association. Decorating Retailer Magazine, now known as Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine, printed its first copies in September 1964. The magazine has been the primary instrument in promoting education, consumer knowledge, association initiatives, as well as, acting as a revenue source to fund association programs.

As PDRA pushes forward, it continues to be loyal to the men and women who founded the organization. Times have changed, competition has increased, but PDRA will continue to offer unconditional support to the independent dealers.

Your fellow independents who are members of the PDRA urge you to join this historical and valuable association.

PDRA’s Historical Timeline: