PDRA Project Pro

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PDRA Project Pro

The Project Pro sales training program will prepare your store associates with the skills to understand the components of the most common DIY projects and how to sell a customer an entire project instead of just specific products which can make a big impact on a store’s sales.

Each section is approximately 20 minutes long and combines PlanItDIY.com project videos with valuable selling skills to teach associates how to complete common DIY projects, as well as how to sell them. Modules explain how to deliver better customer service and increase transactions sizes by focusing on:

  • The impact project selling can have on a company’s financial success
  • How to complete the project by watching the PlanItDIY.com videos
  • How to answer your customers most frequently asked questions
  • How to better recognize your customer’s product needs
  • How to increase transaction size using add-on sales and upselling techniques

Watch each section of each module to gain a full understanding of the project and how to sell it. Once you have completed an entire module, be sure to take the module test.