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Improve your business and your sales with PDRA’s highly-acclaimed, dealer-proven education programs. The most important ingredient to a successful business is the employee/customer relationship.

Courses are available online and can be taken anywhere and at any time – eliminating travel as well as time away from the store!

Available Courses


PDRA Coatings Specialist – Thousands of paint & decorating retail employees have benefited from the product knowledge presented in this powerful program. Whether it’s a new employee or an existing employee needing a refresher, this course provides the paint & sundries product knowledge they need to be successful. What are the ingredients in the different types of paint and why is that important? What types of paint do I use for a specific project? What should I know about paint problem solving? This course will answer these questions and many more. Click here for more information and a course outline.

PDRA Customer Service Specialist – This course provides top-quality customer service training. Topics include: the customer’s advantage of shopping at a local independent paint store, greeting customers, matching products to customer needs, selling add-ons, explaining the difference quality makes, finalizing the transaction, telephone techniques, overcoming objections, dealing with angry customers and competing against the “big boxes.” Once this course is completed your employees will be able to interact with your customers for the best possible outcome – satisfied, repeat customers! Click here for more information and a course outline.

For additional class information or questions, email or call 800-737-0107.

Education Initiative Sponsors

The mission of the PDRA is to educate and support the independent paint and decorating retailer. These loyal Education Sponsors provide PDRA the opportunity to develop valuable and innovative online courses that support you, your employees, and your business. We encourage you to learn more about the sponsors by clicking on their logo below.

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