Why You Need to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

//Why You Need to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

Why You Need to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept a huge segment of the population in their homes for weeks now. What does this mean for the countless numbers of business owners who are trying to keep their businesses afloat? How are businesses to sustain themselves? If you have been asking yourself these questions, you are definitely not alone. Fortunately, one of the solutions to this dilemma is something every business owner has within his or her power to control and use: Social media marketing.

Why You Should be Taking Your Marketing Efforts Online Now

Sharp Rise in Demand for Online Content – While dealing with the effects of being quarantined at home, more people are turning to online content. Facebook recently revealed that there’s been about a 70% increase in time spent on the application in Italy.

Social Media Influencers are Budget-Friendly and Effective Partners – Most influencers have it all—a steady following, great expertise, and the resources required to self-create content (even from home). Plus, they have a way with online marketing and know exactly what will work when. Also important to note is that influencers are not spared from the effects of a slowed-down economy. In this light, they may be more open to negotiating and accepting deals that they perhaps wouldn’t on a normal day. DIY Bloggers, YouTubers and Podcasters are great examples of influencers that can be used in retail social media.

Small Effort/Big Results – Online marketing doesn’t require a great amount of time or effort and it doesn’t require large amounts of money or resources. If you have a cell phone with a camera, you can create all sorts of content to push to your customers. You do need to know what your customers are looking for so you can create content they will engage with. A little wit and humor will be a great asset to any social media campaign!

How You Can Use Social Marketing During COVID-19

You know online marketing is the way to go, but, how? Focus on growing connecting with your customers, not on conversions. Consumer spending is many areas is limited to the essentials for the time being. Using online marketing to boost sales at this time is unrealistic, and you risk alienating the very people you are trying to connect with.

Build Your Online Following – Put out content that is needed and is socially compelling. For example, are you working with a local food bank to collect donations? Let your followers know, and ask them to help. Let people know you are a community leader and you are looking out for them. PDRA’s Scholarship Competition is one way you can let your community know you are on their side and looking toward a bright future. Call your local news outlets and/or send out the free press release PDRA has created for you. Make a splash sharing the good news with them that you are offering them a chance to win cash for college! Make sure all such posts/videos are shareable so more people can see them, and of course follow you so they can keep up with your efforts to help.

Create Content that Solves a Problem – Share tips to increase productivity while working from home, or even quick, easy recipes that are getting your family through this time. Have you set up curbside pickup for your customers so they don’t have to come in the store? Let them know this with live videos, and make sure they know you have their best interests in mind. Don’t forget to share light-hearted content like dog or baby videos and memes – many people are looking for something to take their minds off the current situation.

Partner with Influencers – As noted above, these are social media “celebrities” that can influence the buying decisions of consumers – even in times like these. Reach out to them, and step up your online marketing. Search Google for bloggers who write about what you sell and approach them about how they could help your business. Don’t go overboard with this type of marketing, but a mention in a popular blogger’s post or page can go a long way to winning over the masses!