Why What Happens in Vegas Should Not Always Stay in Vegas

//Why What Happens in Vegas Should Not Always Stay in Vegas

Why What Happens in Vegas Should Not Always Stay in Vegas

The upcoming PDRA Paint & Accessories Show at the National Hardware Show® in Las Vegas promises to be an exciting mix of sourcing, networking, and learning for those who attend the show, which runs from May 6-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show will also provide an excellent way for retailers to do some very effective social networking, both in person and online.

As a small independent retailer, you should already be aware of the importance of online social networking. Online social media is no longer something that retailers can afford to ignore. If you are planning to head off to the PDRA Paint & Accessories Show at the National Hardware Show this year, doing a just a small amount of planning now will result in a wealth of material for all of your social media accounts.

How Can a Trade Show Help Your Social Media Efforts?

First, the vast amount of demonstrations and dazzling displays at trade shows will provide one of the best opportunities you will ever have to compile a very nice portfolio of photographs and videos to use on sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. Make sure you have a good camera with you at all times at the show. If you have a smartphone that takes clear photos, by all means use it to snap photos as you move around the show floor. These can be uploaded immediately, and will provide your customers with an ongoing look at the excitement of the show, and will also help to cement your store’s dedication to keeping up with the latest and best products available.

Social-Media-300x277Remember, you don’t have to stick to product-oriented shots. Personalize your photos: take pictures of unusual or spectacular architecture, long lines at booths, even your sore, aching feet! Don’t forget to add lighthearted commentary to your photos when you post. Take a good camera with a high-capacity storage card with you also, so you can snap away without worrying about filling up your phone’s storage. These photos will be wonderful to use for future posts, pins, and tweets.

Taking a video camera with you is a great idea, also. According to Julianne Will in her article “Not just for Show” in the April issue of Paint & Decorating Retailer, if you think your customers may like to see demonstrations in your store of certain products, post a short video of the show demonstration and solicit feedback on whether they might be interested in seeing the product demonstrated in your store.

Second, make sure you have a nice, large tote bag with you while you walk the show. You will be picking up samples, takeaways, brochures and flyers containing a vast amount of information you can use in future posts and tweets. Don’t try to post all of the information you gather while you are at the show. Personalized photos and live-actions shots are best for instant posts at the show. The information you gather as you walk the floor is best saved for when you get back and can organize it into informative posts and even articles for your own store blog.

Third, keep the contact information you gather from industry professionals in a separate folder in your tote bag. That way it is all in one place so you can connect with them later on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These contacts will be invaluable to your social media efforts, providing inspiration to you for posts, retweets, and pins about them and/or their products. Make sure you have included your own social media URLs on your business cards and contact information, so others can find you and do the same!

With just a little planning and effort, the PDRA Paint & Accessories Show at the National Hardware Show will quickly become a wealth of information and photos for you to share with your customers on social media. Customers who feel like you are going the extra mile to get them the best products and information available will quickly become your best and most loyal customers!

While you are at the show, make sure to stop by Booth #5828 to see what’s happening at PDRA. For more information on the PDRA Paint & Accessories Show, see our Trade Show page, or go directly to the PDRA registration page for the National Hardware Show.

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