Three Ways To Connect With Millennials

//Three Ways To Connect With Millennials

Three Ways To Connect With Millennials

The Millennial generation has finally done it – they’ve surpassed the Baby Boomers in number, and have become the focus of marketing campaigns across the spectrum of media outlets available these days. Encompassing a large range of ages roughly from 18 to 34, Millennials are an extremely large target audience. Estimates range from 75 to 80 million people in the United States alone (as of 2016) who are considered to be Millennials. Retail marketing experts all agree – you need to be marketing to Millennials. So what is it that will create that connection between the Millennial generation and your store?

socialmediacrowdMillennials Like Love To Participate Online – This generation has grown up with technology. They participated in the birth and growth of social media, and most would prefer to interact with each other on social media or texting than the “old fashioned’ way of speaking in person or on the telephone. They love to engage with people and brands online. Creating a social media presence that encourages participation is one of the most effective ways to connect with Millennials.
It may take a little planning and thought, but it is possible to create inexpensive and creative marketing campaigns that invite participation on social media. Ask questions that followers will want to answer by giving their opinion. For instance, create a post with pictures of two similar kitchens, one painted with a dark color and one painted with a light color (featuring your best-selling paint line, and make sure you include that information in your post!) and ask which one they like the best, and why they like it/don’t like it. Ask social media followers for pictures of home improvement and crafting projects using your products; create a “mascot” for your business and have a naming contest…the possibilities are endless.

Sell Only The Best – One of the most important things to most Millennials is that the products they buy be of high quality. They want to be able to recommend the products they buy to a friend (on social media, of course). This might be in part because they live in the world of “online reviews” and frequently seek out those reviews before they purchase. As a retailer, of course you want to sell only the best and most high quality products to your customers, but sometimes after a long time in business, there will be some duds in your inventory. Take the time to look around your store and get rid of those products. Clear them from your e-commerce website. If a certain product is not selling well, search online to see what reviewers are saying about it. If it doesn’t get good reviews elsewhere, maybe it is time to move that product out of your inventory.

earthinhandsMake Sure You Are Socially Responsible – Millennials are extremely socially conscious. They grew up with marketing campaigns encouraging them to recycle, to turn off the water faucet, to buy “green”, and to buy local. Take a hard look at the reputation your store has for being a community advocate. Have you started that recycling program yet? Do you participate in and encourage “buy local” campaigns for your community? Do you hold an annual toy drive/food drive for local shelters and/or food pantries? Do you sell environmentally friendly products? All of those things are an important part of every day life for Millennials and if your store can establish a reputation for caring about those same things, they will choose to buy from you instead of a store that doesn’t seem to care about being socially responsible.

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