Three Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Store’s Curb Appeal

//Three Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Store’s Curb Appeal

Three Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Store’s Curb Appeal

In last week’s blog post, we shared three ways to get new customers through your front door. This week, we’ll focus specifically on one of those tips: improving your curb appeal.

Much like a prospective homebuyer seeking out that perfect property, each of your potential customers will form an opinion before they ever step foot inside. For better or worse, first impressions can make a lasting impression – so why not put your best foot forward?

In addition to keeping your storefront clean and accessible, an attractive presence and personal touches can make the difference between passersby coming inside and walking on by. It can also make the difference between gaining a customer for life and a missed opportunity. In order to cut down on cases of the latter, here are three simple ways to spruce up your store’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Windows. Whether you do it yourself or hire a local company, keeping dreamstime_s_8104737your store’s windows clean is essential to maintaining a respectable street presence. But what’s behind your windows is equally important. Instead of simply hanging posters or stacking overstock, use window space as an opportunity to extend your branding and show people what you’re all about. Remember: like any good story, it’s better to show than to tell – and less is often more. Window presentations are also a great way to promote new products, upcoming events and seasonal trends.

Signage. Just because your signage shouldn’t take up all your window space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. But signage shouldn’t be strictly promotional; instead of simply advertising sales or listing your products (or hours), try to engage passersby with something a little more personable. Again, stay on brand and remember that less is usually more – especially if your storefront space is limited. Setting up stylish sandwich boards on the sidewalk can also turn heads and get people through the door – just be sure to keep them relevant and current.

Paint. As a paint and decorating retailer, there’s no better way to put your money where your mouth is than by showing off your creativity and design expertise. While some commercial properties have certain restrictions (especially if you’re leasing), try to think outside the box and show a bit of personality with your color scheme. Even if your entire storefront can’t be painted, try for a bold front door, funky window frames or a sign that stands out. At the very least, ensure you touch up scrapes and chips as they happen and apply a new coat regularly. After all, nothing will turn a potential customer off more than a business unwilling to walk the walk.