Thinking Outside the Box to Succeed in 2019 and Beyond

//Thinking Outside the Box to Succeed in 2019 and Beyond

Thinking Outside the Box to Succeed in 2019 and Beyond

With online sales increasing each year, many brick and mortar retailers are scrambling for ways they can compete with, and in some instances, out-do online retailers. For small paint & decorating stores, competing and winning in an online world means thinking outside the box for creative ways to provide consumers with the experiences, products and services they are looking for. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking outside that box.

thinkoutboxConsider Delivery – While selecting just the right shade of paint may require a trip to the store, there are many products paint & decorating retailers can offer to deliver to busy customers. Do a little online research for couriers and delivery services in your area, or decide on an area around your store that you would be willing to deliver to for a small fee. Check with local authorities for laws and/or ordinances regulating deliveries – you may need a special license for doing deliveries yourself. Then let your customers know that if they’re caught needing another gallon of that special color they just ran out of, they don’t need to drop everything and head back to the store – you will get it to them ASAP!

Join Forces with Your Landlord – Keeping the relationship with your landlord to once month check-writing is not the way to go in the 21st century! Your success is key to their success, so consider speaking to them about placing specials and/or discounts from your store on their social media platforms and signage. A group of retailers in Nebraska have found success by pairing up with the shopping center in which they are located. The shopping center offers the retailers’ specials and deals on its Facebook page, app, and digital signage at the shopping center’s entrance. spoke to one of the retailers in the center who was facing a sales shortfall for the month, and after specials and discounts were offered by the shopping center, the store quickly added over $12,000 in sales to their monthly total.

storemagnetSell Convenience – For many consumers, convenience is king. They are busy and don’t have time to shop for hours looking for everything they need for a particular project. For a paint & decorating dealer this is almost too good to be true because it is your chance to sell entire projects, not just individual products! DIY is extremely popular with homeowners who want to beautify their surroundings with minimal investment, so why not set up merchandising displays featuring everything needed to complete projects such as refinishing/painting cabinetry, painting furniture, or stripping and re-staining a deck? Place everything needed for the project in buckets or baskets that feature your store name, address and logo. Discount the bundle so your customers feel like they are getting a deal on top of the convenience of grabbing their project bundle and heading out the door. Even better, hold an event or a demo that uses all of the products you have bundled together. Most importantly, educate yourself and your staff on how to sell entire projects with PDRA’s Project Pro.

There are many things you can do to succeed in this 21st Century retail environment. Offering delivery, offering convenience and pairing up with unexpected allies are just a few of the things you can do! Start your out-of-the box thinking now and you may be surprised at how quickly new customers and increased sales will come rolling in.