PDRA Webinar Reveals Secrets to Successful Email Campaigns

//PDRA Webinar Reveals Secrets to Successful Email Campaigns

PDRA Webinar Reveals Secrets to Successful Email Campaigns

Knowledge is power, someone once said. For the independent retailers of today, that statement still rings true. The more you know about how to market your business, the better off your business will fare in this fast-paced and technical world.

Email has quickly become one of the easiest and best ways to stay in touch with customers. In PDRA’s newest webinar, “Email Marketing – A Beginner’s Checklist”, you will learn many of the secrets to launching and maintaining a successful, ongoing email dialog with your customers.

Did you know there are many words that will increase the chances of your email being opened if they are used in the subject line of your email? Conversely, there are some words that you should not use in the subject line of an email. You may be surprised to find out what words do and do not work! PDRA’s webinar reveals those words to you so you can get off to a flying start with subject line of your emails.

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Of course, if you don’t have a good email list, there will not be anyone to even read the subject line of your email. This webinar also sheds light on how you can build a strong email list for your campaigns, and why building a great email list is one of the most important things you can do for your business from a marketing standpoint.

Have you ever started to compose an email to send out about a sale or a promotion you are having for your store but had no idea what to actually say or put in the email? Our webinar will tell you what you need to know about the content of your emails, how often you should send them, and even give you tips on what time of day to send them.

For anyone intimidated by the thought of launching an email campaign, or anyone who would like some fresh ideas on how to make the most of an existing email campaign, remember the old saying: Knowledge really is power!

PDRA webinars are FREE to members, and only $50 for non-members. If you missed today’s live webinar, you can still view it online at pdra.org along with all of our past webinars.

Email Tina at tina@pdra.org or go to pdra.org for more information.