PDRA Sponsors New Live Webinar on April 7

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PDRA Sponsors New Live Webinar on April 7

One of the most common reasons business owners give for not keeping their all-important social media accounts up to date is lack of inspiration. Keeping those accounts updated is very important, but staring at a Facebook or Pinterest update page can be a daunting task when there is just nothing fresh and exciting that comes to mind.

Most large retailers in this busy, social-media driven world have realized the importance of keeping fresh content on their social media pages, and many of them are doing a fantastic job at keeping things new and up-to-date.

Social Media BagChances are, however, those retailers are paying someone else to come up with that new content. What if you are not able to do that? Most small, independent retailers are on tight budgets and do their own updates – and inspiration is often in short supply for busy retailers who already have 20 other things to think about and get done.

That’s where PDRA’s newest webinar, “11 Online Tools to Find Inspiration for Your Social Media Accounts”, comes in. We have lined up 11 tools found online that will help you find inspiration to keep those Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts fresh and engaging. This webinar will dig into the world of content creation, curation, and dissemination, and will help you to take your social media accounts to the next level. You can compete with the Big Boys when it comes to social media!

Register now for this exciting live PDRA Webinar Event:

“11 Online tools to Find Inspiration for Your Social Media Accounts”
Monday, April 7, 2014
Noon CDT

Cost for PDRA members: FREE
Cost for non-members: $50

Call (800) 737-0107 or email tina@pdra.org to register, or if you would just like more information about PDRA’s Social Media Webinar Series.