PDRA Announces Launch of New Website

//PDRA Announces Launch of New Website

PDRA Announces Launch of New Website

PDRA’s long awaited new website has finally arrived, and wow, it was definitely worth the wait!

After listening to our members’ comments and suggestions about how we could make pdra.org better, we have come up with a new site that is easy to navigate and packed with all of the information our members need to get the absolute most out of their membership with PDRA.

On the home page, with just the click of the mouse, you will find it easy to log in, read Paint & Decorating Retailer online, find out more about all of the valuable benefits you enjoy as a PDRA member, or hook up with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are also easy links in the navigation bar to our online store and our membership area, where you can easily pay your membership dues.

In the right sidebar, you will find links to this blog as well as to our events calendar, FAQ’s about paint and stain, the PDRA app for iPhone and iPad, and more information about our fantastic digital signage program developed specifically for paint stores.


Inside the website, you will find our store locator, which makes it easy for anyone looking for paint and decorating stores to find YOU. One of the best things about the store locator is the link from our site to yours. That link is a valuable asset for your website because Google loves to see “authority” sites (PDRA) pointing to your site. They give your site a “boost” in rankings when they see that sites like ours think enough of your site to link out to you. PDRA’s link to you will be a definite plus for your site’s ranking with Google!

For advertisers, there is an area in the Magazine section of the site where you can view the current Media Planner, view ad specs, send us your files, and take a look at instructions for uploading files. You can also go straight to the “Send Files” link on the home page if you’re familiar with the file upload procedure already.

One of the most popular benefits PDRA offers to members is our Social Media Webinar Series. These webinars will show you how to use social media to promote your store. You and your staff can view the webinars as many times as you like. Check them out soon…your bottom line will thank you for it!

Another powerful tool available to PDRA members on our website is the Registry, available from any page on the website in the right sidebar. The Registry is a database made up of information that can be of immense benefit to your business: industry trademarks and brand names, as well as contact information for companies, manufacturers and buying groups. While you can view the Registry in the annual Registry issue of Paint & Decorating Retailer, the online members-only version is easily searchable, making it a snap for you to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

There are many more nooks and crannies in the new, streamlined PDRA website, too many to mention here. The best thing you can do now is to take a few moments to browse around and see for yourself what’s happening these days at www.PDRA.org. We are certain you will be glad you did!