How To Use Add-Ons and Gadgets to Drive More Sales

//How To Use Add-Ons and Gadgets to Drive More Sales

How To Use Add-Ons and Gadgets to Drive More Sales

Add-on sales have always been one of the things small paint and decorating retailers can do to boost the bottom line at the register. All of those gadgets and paint tools can really add up quickly. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of those add-ons.

Stay on Top of the Trends – Trends in home decorating and DIY are always evolving and changing, and so paint & decorating retailers should stay one step ahead of those trends. pinterest_gadgetsMetallic paint and chalk paint are two of the trends that have swept the nation recently. Both types of paint require special tools. When you carry a specific type of specialty paint such as metallic or chalk paint, make sure you also carry everything necessary to complete a DIY project using that particular paint. Also ensure that all employees are well-versed in the types of tools needed for those specific paints. One of the best ways to stay on top of trends and even spot new ones is to frequent online sites such as Pinterest and Houzz.

Keep up With New Innovations in Older Products – One prediction for the 2018 DIY season is that geometrics will be very popular, due in part to the new and improved varieties of painter’s tape available. Where there used to be only a few available, now there are dozens of different types of painter’s tape on the market. Paint trays have also come a long way since they were first introduced. Some now come equipped with brush storage areas, lids for covering leftover paint, and grips engineered to let the trays be easily moved without spills. Knowing what’s “new and improved” about the older products you sell can help make sure you are selling more of them than ever before.

Think Out of the Box – Many paint dealers may not think about selling nail & brad setters to painters, but new innovations in those products have made them almost indispensable to home DIYers as well as pro painters. Scented additives for paint are add-on products that are selling well for many paint retailers recently. Customers often come in thinking that because a paint brand may have zero-VOCs that the paint doesn’t have that “paint smell” any longer. Those customers will often be receptive to the new additives, which provide fresh scents such as citrus and vanilla.customerandroller

Location, Location, Location – Placement of add-ons in the store is crucial, and should be planned carefully. Always make sure that best-selling add-ons are placed close to checkout areas and on end-caps as well as paint counters. Customers often don’t realize what they need until they actually see the item. Making use of displays offered by manufacturers is also a good idea – those displays have been carefully planned by manufacturers to encourage add-on sales. Holding demos of new products and trending products is always a good idea also, preferably in a highly visible area of the store.

Add-ons and gadgets can be a profitable revenue stream for independent retailers, and their importance should never be overlooked. For a more in-depth look at the ways you can use them in your store, take a look at Paint & Decorating Retailer’s article in the January 2018 issue!