How to Get Your Customers To Do Your Marketing For You

//How to Get Your Customers To Do Your Marketing For You

How to Get Your Customers To Do Your Marketing For You

The day-to-day duties of a small business owner can be never-ending. Add in the all-important but time-consuming task of marketing into the mix, and it’s inevitable that some of your goals might not be properly executed.

But instead of stressing about time management or sacrificing the quality of your marketing, why not have your customers do it for you? It might sound too good to be true, but part of being a good business owner is finding ways to maximize your time and working smarter instead of harder. Simply put, the key is to make the quality of your products and services so fantastic that your customers can’t help but spread the word about their experience at your shop. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your customers to do your marketing.

Excellent Customer Service. Customer service is a lot like first impressions; you’ll never forget about them. Moreover, when people receive excellent customer service during a shopping experience, they’ll be eager to spread the word to their friends and family. If one of your dreamstime_s_30862803main goals as a business owner is to provide the highest quality of service to your valued customers, you can bet that you’ll reap the benefits from positive word of mouth.

Reward Programs. Offering rewards like ‘10% off your next purchase’ will not only keep your customers coming back, but it’ll also encourage them to share the news about the sweet deal with their friends and family. The simple fact is that customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, and any smart business owner would be happy to show their appreciation. If a customer feels valued, they’ll be more likely to come back – and to talk positively about the terrific shopping experience.

Contests. As one of the most successful ways to gain new eyes and potential new customers, social media contests can work wonders for your marketing. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, making your audience share or like the post with their followers will help spread the word about your contest exponentially. Social media marketing in general is a fantastic way to get your customers to spread the word. For more information, check out our recent posts on Seven Ways to Immediately Improve Your Social Media Marketing and The Power of Online Contests.

Referral Incentives. In a perfect world, your customers would share their positive experience with everyone they meet. However, the reality of the business world is that people are more likely to share negative experiences. One way to provide happy customers with some incentive to spread the word about your store is a referral program. Popular – and effective – for both large-scale businesses and independent retailers, referral programs can gain you new customers and sales using simple (yet strategic) word of mouth. Whether you offer your ambassadors 10% off or $10 off a product or service, this ‘tell-a-friend’ tactic is a great way to get your customers to do your marketing.