How to Get Your Business Noticed with Live Video Streaming

//How to Get Your Business Noticed with Live Video Streaming

How to Get Your Business Noticed with Live Video Streaming

If you are like most business owners, you are always searching for new ways to promote and market your business. One of the most innovative and exciting new ways to do that has been right under your nose for a few years now, literally. Using your smartphone, you can dive into the world of live video marketing right now.

Why You Should Use It – It’s what your social media followers want, for one thing. livestreamingFacebook users (there are a lot of them – over 2 billion!) LOVE live video. They watch live video (sometimes also referred to as live video streaming) three times longer than they watch pre-recorded videos. While watching the live videos, they also engage with you (likes, comments, etc.) ten times more than regular pre-recorded videos, which means that Facebook shows your live video to more people. In fact, even if you go live on other platforms, studies have shown that live video gets more engagement across the board. Also, since live video is relatively new, you will certainly stand out if you become known for your live video streaming sessions. You don’t have to stick to Facebook, by the way. Instagram, YouTube and Periscope (which integrates with Twitter) are other live social media platforms to check out.

Make a Plan – Don’t just whip out your phone and start walking around videoing. You need to decide what you will say, products or projects you will feature, and where and when you will go live. Paint & decorating stores have hundreds of products that could be used in live video demonstrations. Pick out a hot product, create a project using the project, and feature a live demonstration right in your store. If you just received a shipment of an exciting new product or a big seller, go back behind the scenes and show the product being unloaded, talk to your staff about how soon the product will be available. Promote a big sale you are having. A Q&A can also be a good for live video – you could set up an interview with a local artist who uses one or more of your products, or talk about an event coming up that you will be hosting, then do another live at the event. The possibilities are endless!

Use the Right Equipment – Smartphones are an excellent way to test the waters of live video streaming, but if you decide you want to pursue live videos as an ongoing part of your marketing efforts, invest in a few items that will make you look like the pro you are. There are several good live video systems available for under $500, like GoPro and HuddleCam. Also, don’t overlook a good microphone and lighting system. A quick search online of live video equipment will turn up many items you may want to consider using.

Be Consistent – Decide on who will appear in your videos and stick with it, whether it is you or trusted employees. Live Video Multimedia Player Graphic ConceptMake sure to let viewers know who is doing the video, and mention your company name several times while broadcasting. You can say something like “If you’re just joining us, this is John and we’re here at ABC Paint Company and we’re talking about…”. Once you start making live videos, make sure everyone knows who are. Your logo should appear in your video by using something like BeLive, an app that lets you display your logo while broadcasting. If nothing else, make sure your logo appears on signs behind you while you’re live.

Promote Those Videos – Before you go live, send out reminders for several days. Make sure everyone knows when you will be doing your live broadcast. You may want to set up a regular schedule for lives, so your followers get used to a certain time when they know you will be there. You may even want to consider paid promotion of your live videos if you have a marketing budget that will allow it. If not, do it yourself. Cross-promote, also. Make sure you send out reminders on Twitter and Instagram that you will be live on Facebook, for instance.

Live video streaming is new and exciting, and can be a wonderful way for small business owners to make a splash and get some attention. There are so many possibilities. Just use your imagination (and your smartphone!) and do some live video soon. You may just find that it is the marketing boost you’ve been looking for!