Five Ways to Send an Eco-Friendly Message this Earth Day

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Five Ways to Send an Eco-Friendly Message this Earth Day

The fresh spring season is in full swing, and with it comes one of the most important and widely celebrated days of the year – Earth Day!

Honoring the earth is a smart way to not only benefit the environment, but your small business. By making small changes to the way you run and operate your company, you can consistently send an eco-friendly message to clients, customers, colleagues, employees and your community.

Here are five ideas that will not only help reduce your carbon footprint this season, but strengthen your brand and reputation. Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22.

Embrace Online Marketing. E-marketing is quickly becoming the best way to run campaigns and advertise your business. Not only is this technological advancement more eco-friendly since it significantly reduces the amount of paper waste, but it’s a huge advantage for small businesses because it’s also incredibly cost-effective. Social media, e-blasts and newsletters are inexpensive ways to connect with your clients and customers in a smart and tree-free way.

If You Must, Use Recycled Paper. In certain situations, it’s simply impossible to cut out paper completely. However, a great way to send an eco-friendly message is to use recycled paper or paper made fromEco Friendly post-consumer materials. For important marketing pieces like brochures or business cards, a fantastic way to easily demonstrate and promote your eco-commitment is to pay the extra few dollars for greener, more environmentally-friendly paper. As an added bonus, its natural look and unique texture is sure to impress recipients.

Promote Local Vendors & Artisans. Working with local vendors and artisans is a great green business practice because it connects you with more members of your community and greatly reduces the impact of carbon emissions from the long-distance deliveries of products. Whether you team up with painters, crafters or designers, your customers will love having access to unique home decor pieces from the community.

Invest in Green Products. Going green doesn’t mean you or your customers have to sacrifice in the quality of paint and decorating products. The market for eco-friendly paint has grown tremendously and most brands offer eco-friendly options that aren’t as harsh and detrimental to the environment as some of the others. Make sure your store offers a wide range of paint products so you’re sure to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer.

Donate To A Good Cause. Earth Day is the perfect time to make a charitable donation to an environmental cause. If promoted and communicated in an efficient way, your customers and community members will also love taking part in the initiative and it will greatly reinforce your commitment to being a great, green eco-friendly business.