Five Unique Products Every Paint and Decorating Retailer Should Line Its Shelves With

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Five Unique Products Every Paint and Decorating Retailer Should Line Its Shelves With

As an independent retailer, your objective extends simply beyond turning a profit. Part of a small business’s purpose is to serve its community and satisfy the wants and the needs of its customers. Part of your purpose should also be to go above and beyond by providing a wide array of products and a one-stop shopping experience. In the world of paint and decorating, the line of products you carry is limited only by your imagination.

Whether your customer is looking to brighten up a bedroom, finish that DIY project in the kitchen or redecorate a living room, they should have to look nor further than the aisles of your store. Here are five unique products you should be lining your shelves with:

Interesting Wallpaper & Paints. Keep your customers’ walls in style by providing them with the latest trends in wallpapers and paints. According to Meagan Osborne, owner of Meagan Osborne Interiors in Hamilton Ont., textured wallpapers and metallic and chalk paints are the hottest and most frequently requested styles from her clients and customers.

Blinds and Shutters. With the right treatment, windows can make a perfect focal point for any room. Make your paint and decorating store a one-stop shop for customers by offering a vast collection of stylish and functional blinds and shutters. You can evendreamstime_s_37904745 offer consultation and installation services to make sure their choice is a perfect addition to their homes.

Art. Osborne, who spent five years working as the assistant manager of Halson Decor before going out on her own, says wall art was always one of the shop’s biggest sellers. “We had a lot of people renovating their homes, so they’d buy art and we would help them find the perfect paint shade to make the room extra special,” she says. If you can manage to get your hands on the work of local artists, even better.

Home Décor. As a paint and decorating business owner, you and your staff probably know a thing or two about decor trends and styles. It only makes sense to offer customers pieces like wall decals, picture frames, peel-and-stick products, unique lamps, throw pillows and stylish mirrors. These products will help customers add style and pizzazz to their homes without having to search around at others shops. And by offering something a little a different, you will ensure they don’t end up with the same décor as their neighbors.

Accents from local artisans. Part of being a small business owner is giving back to the community that support you. Keep the local economy strong by buying and selling one-of-a-kind accents from artists in your community. Not only will these products make your store different from the rest, but customers will appreciate having access to fascinating artistic pieces that no one else has and that they may not have otherwise known about.