Five Thoughtful Ways to Combine Paint and Mother’s Day

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Five Thoughtful Ways to Combine Paint and Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if there’s one thing most moms would agree on, it’s that they’d rather receive something handmade by their most prize possessions than something that was purchased at the last minute.

Not only does a handmade Mother’s Day gift signify extra time, thought and effort on your end, but it’s 100 per cent unique. Instead of digging out the crayons and markers for a homemade greeting card, we’re giving you five fantastic ideas for incorporating paint into your Mother’s Day gift.

From simple and sweet to truly going above and beyond, these ideas are ranked from easiest to most challenging so you have lots of options for choosing the perfect painted present for the woman who turned you into the masterpiece that you are.

Chalkboard Painted Flower Vase: A bouquet of fresh flowers is a popular Mother’s Day gift, but you can make it extra special by painting a simple vase with trendy black chalkboard paint. Once it dries, you can write a sweet message to your mom and she’ll be able to have it as a keepsake forever. You’ll get extra points if you keep the vase filled with a fresh floral arrangement all year round!

Ombre Paint Chip Calendar : Perfect for any busy mom, this Mother’s Day gift idea is an affordable way to create something beautiful with paint swatches. To make it personalized to her tastes, subtly find outdreamstime_s_37039122 what her favorite colors are and vertically arrange the chosen paint chips from lightest to darkest and place inside of a large picture frame. She’ll be able to keep her schedule clean and organized from month to month while seeing her favorite hues on a daily basis.

Homemade Wall Art with Spray Paint: Add some color and natural beauty into Mom’s life and home by creating homemade wall art with a blank canvas, leaves, acrylic and spray paint. This project looks beautiful when aligned with four canvases so you’ll want to set aside some time to complete each one.

Refurbish Old Furniture: If you’ve noticeda piece of furniture that’s in dire need of a fresh, new, updated look, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to refurbish an old chest, bookshelf, table or night stand as a thank-you for all the hard work she’s done for you. And since the “shabby-chic” look is trending right now, beginners are able to nail this rustic style even if they’ve never done a project like this before.

Bedroom Makeover: For the ultimate above-and-beyond Mother’s Day gift this year, a bedroom makeover is sure to let her know you appreciate her dedication, sacrifices and love over the years. Find out what her ideal bedroom color is and take the time to turn her domain into the room of her dreams. While this gift probably won’t be a surprise (unless you do it while she’s out of town for a few days), she’ll definitely be thrilled by the idea.