Five Interior Paint Trends for Summer 2015

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Five Interior Paint Trends for Summer 2015

For most people, summer brings thoughts of both soothing relaxation and high-energy fun in the sun. It’s also one of the best times of the year to mix up the look and feel of your home. What better way to combine the tranquil and upbeat energies of the season than with paint? From pale yellows to playful pinks, here are five interior paint trends to get you inspired this summer.

Jade: Like the deep olive and emerald hues of the spruce trees in the great outdoors, a classic jade color is a favorite among earthy homeowners and decorators. Elegant yet rustic, jade evokes feelings of timelessness and relaxation. This elegant shade works best in a bathroom, laundry room or as a sophisticated accent wall in a main living space.

Lemon Ice: Contemporary and cool, this sophisticated shade makes for a punch of fresh color while remaining light and subdued. Perfect for kitchens and living rooms, a rich yet beautifully elegant yellow shade reflects the sunny spirit and high energy of the much-loved summertime season.dreamstime_s_9047138

Muted Teal: Reminiscent of the fresh blueish green tint of the water by the lake, a muted teal shade becomes a stunning addition to your home decor during the relaxing summer months. For a look that’s as captivating as it is casual, try painting this shade in a room that gets a fair amount of sunlight to avoid a dreary feel.

Passion fruit: Playful and lively, this fresh color is the perfect way to add a pretty pop of color that’s reminiscent of biting into ripe, juicy fruit on a hot summer day. Ideal for any living space or room, this shade gives you a feeling of energy, freshness and the sense that summer is here to stay.

Light Brown: An all-time favorite, this neutral shade is beautiful in the summertime because it allows fresh flowers and bright accent walls to successfully pop and become the main attraction. Warm and timeless, this color can be transferred throughout all four seasons to give special pieces of home décor the easy background they need to take the lead in beautifying your home.