Five Fresh Color Trends for Spring 2016

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Five Fresh Color Trends for Spring 2016

Spring. It’s a time for revival, rejuvenation and new beginnings. It’s also a popular time for home renovations.

But giving your property a facelift doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. One budget-friendly way to give your home a renewed sense of style and sophistication is a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to tackle several rooms or a single accent wall, the right color can go a long way in modernizing your décor.

To get you started, here are five color trends to help set the tone in your home this spring.

Bold Blues. Blue is one of those colors that tends to go through cycles, but thanks to scintillating shades like American Anthem by PPG and Filoli Dark Iris by Valspar, it’s the perfect time to go for the plunge. Blue is a great option for not only interior spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms and accent walls, but also plays nicely with natural greens outdoors.

dreamstime_s_7749109Gorgeous greens. Speaking of greens, nothing says spring like pop of mint, emerald or olive. Elegant and versatile, greens go equally great with bold colors and natural earth shades. “With an earthy edge, it hints at nature while emitting a sturdy, shielding feel, echoing the popular urban militia-inspired look that is showing up on fashion runways,” says Valerie Jager, channel marketing manager for PPG Architectural Coatings. One go-to green is Paradise Found by PPG.

Simple whites. When it comes to new beginnings, no color symbolizes a clean slate quite like white. Common yet classic, it demands attention in any room and will never go out of style. “The color white is transcendent, powerful and polarizing,” says Ellen O’Neill, creative director with Benjamin Moore, which named Simply White as its 2016 Color of the Year.

Pale purples. While pinks are great for summer and purples work in winter, spring is the perfect time to find the sweet spot in between. Shades like lilac, lavender and periwinkle can add an understated pop of color to any room without being overbearing. They work great by themselves, or combine them with cooler colors like blue or gray for a burst of warmth. A popular not-quite purple is Spring Lilac by Benjamin Moore.

Magnificent metallics. From platinum and pewter to copper and bronze, all that glitters is truly gold this spring. In addition to providing a touch of sophistication, a shimmering ceiling or gleaming window frame will cut through neutrals and liven up any color it is paired with. “It’s no longer about that simple, pared-down, devoid-of-embellishment Belgian look,” says O’Neill. “We’re seeing all of these colors that telegraph a trunk of riches.”