First Impressions Matter: 5 Keys To Improve Your Visual Merchandising

//First Impressions Matter: 5 Keys To Improve Your Visual Merchandising

First Impressions Matter: 5 Keys To Improve Your Visual Merchandising

When it comes to running a successful retail business, first impressions really do matter.

Whether a potential customer drives past your shop or peeks in your window while walking by, he or she should be intrigued by what you offer and feel compelled to come inside and check things out. By making your merchandising displays visually appealing, you will not only reel in new customers, but engage existing ones – and ultimately boost sales.

Here are five simple and cost-effective tips for doing just that.

1) Use your windows. Creating attractive window displays is one of the easiest ways to draw in potential customers. They should be organized, interesting and unique. You can use your windows as an opportunity to set the mood and ambiance of your store, and also to advertise any new products, sales or current promotions.

2) Engage all five senses. The term “visual merchandising” in itself is misleading because one of the most important things to remember when organizing your displays is to focus on more than just the sense of sight. By giving shoppers the opportunity to touch certain products, hear calming or upbeat music, smell specific scents or even taste certain flavors (free popcorn, perhaps?!), you’re providing them with more thandreamstime_s_75390611 just a regular shopping trip. You’re giving them an experience that they’re sure to remember.

3) Optimize organization with the Rule of Three. Less is more when it comes to the layout and design of your store displays – especially when you have limited space. Many retailers use the Rule of Three, which essentially means you should arrange products in sets of three instead of on their own. People are naturally drawn to symmetry and balance, so designing with this rule in mind will ensure your arrangements are clean, simple, organized and memorable.

4) Perfect your signage. Although some customers walk into a store with a bit of time to browse around, the majority of them come for a specific purpose. By having clear signage throughout your store (think aisles, departments and products), you will save your customers time and may even encourage additional purchases. Additionally, always group like products with like products. It’s the reason grocery stores put dips next to chips and peanut butter next to the jam – and it works.

5) Mix it up. We know it’s a bummer to spend time creating a beautiful display only to tear it down and start over again, but it’s necessary. If a customer sees the same visual arrangement again and again, they might get a little bored of it. Try to change things up at least once a week – even if it’s just one section at a time – and be sure to include new and seasonal products in the arrangement. With the holidays right around the corner, why not a tower of paint cans in the shape of a Christmas tree?!

In short, your store’s visual merchandising should be your best and most important salesperson. By using these tips and tricks, you can transform your store into a creative masterpiece – and a moneymaking machine.