Educate Staff and Boost Sales with PDRA’s Coatings Specialist Course

//Educate Staff and Boost Sales with PDRA’s Coatings Specialist Course

Educate Staff and Boost Sales with PDRA’s Coatings Specialist Course

One of the most prominent challenges as an independent retailer is establishing a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Whether that means the lowest prices, the hottest products or top-notch customer service, outshining the other guys is essential in the world of small business.

In an industry like paint and decorating, one of the best ways to set yourself apart is a knowledgeable staff. And one of the best ways to establish a knowledgeable staff is to enroll them in the PDRA Coatings Specialist Course.

This convenient online education series equips students with top-quality professional coatings knowledge, from color selection to sales training. Much like our Customer Service Specialist course, the PDRA Coating Specialist takes between eight and 12 hours and can be completed at your employees’ convenience over a 60-day period. No time away, no travel expenses, no hassle.

The course features six chapters, including Guiding Customers to the Right Coatings, Prep and Application, Tools and Sundries, Common Coatings Problems, Advising Customers on Color and Decorating and How to Sell More Paint.

Upon completion, your employees will receive a frameable certificate, a press release for your local news outlets and a PDRA Coatings Specialist pin.

By educating yourself and your employees with the PDRA Coatings Specialist online course, your staff will be more knowledgeable, more confident and more valuable. And your business will earn a reputation not only for its products and services, but for its expertise as well.

At only $99 for members, the course will pay for itself in no time and add value to your business for years to come.

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