Color Psychology and Four Powerful Hues for Your Home

//Color Psychology and Four Powerful Hues for Your Home

Color Psychology and Four Powerful Hues for Your Home

When people think about all the ways they can improve their mood on a daily basis, their first instinct might be to log more hours sweating at the gym or to treating themselves to a comforting piece of rich milk chocolate. However, one of the easiest and most organic ways to alter your perception in life is by adding certain hues to the walls in your home.

The fascinating thing about colors is that they have a powerful effect on your mood, so much so that specific tones are even used in therapy for their proven calming and tranquil effects on the brain.

Whether you want to transform a bedroom into an oasis of relaxation or make your home office an energetic space that helps you feel invigorated and ready to tackle your projects, specific colors can help you do it all. Enhance the look and feel of your home with these four popular hues and the tips on what to do with them:

Red. The poster child of passion, fire and power, vivacious red is a classic and timeless shade that awakens all of your senses and never goes unnoticed. It can be used to create intimacy or, when paired with other neutral shades, can add a wild pop of color for a perfect balance.

  • From crimson to merlot to muted marsala, red shades are beautiful as an accent wall with neutrals.
  • Sizzling and romantic, deep reds are perfect as the main shade in bedrooms. Just make sure you get enough sunlight or the room could look a little too dreary.
  • If you love the powerful essence of red but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, a bright front red door is always a stylish use of the color.

dreamstime_s_807472Blue. Beautiful blue is a complex shade that has the power to relax or energize you, depending on the tint and temperature. It evokes a natural feeling of calm, soothing freshness and is known to help make people feel happy and rejuvenated.

  • Because it’s such a relaxing shade, designers suggest using light and airy shades in common areas like the living room and bathroom.
  • To make a room seem larger, this light shade can be painted in a ceiling to mimic a clear, blue sky.
  • Classic and timeless, blue is a hue that will work in any room of any home and during all seasons.

Green. Fresh and reminiscent of nature and renewal, green is another relaxing shade that’s known for its powers of inspiration and optimism. Versatile and calming, there are so many rich and muted shades that work in all areas of the home while adding a light elegance that’s sure to lift your spirits.

  • Soothing and earthy, green can be used in the bedroom for a relaxing oasis or add in the bathroom for a comforting spa-like experience.
  • To make your home feel more rustic, designers love pairing olive or moss greens with natural wood, as they’re highly complimentary and a beautiful tribute to the beauty of the outdoors.
  • For a fresh, classic and elegant look in the main living area, you can never go wrong with a rich green and creamy white duo.

Yellow. Perfect for triggering feel-good vibrations, sparking creative juices and creating a positive ambiance, there is no shade more cheerful than yellow. With a wide spectrum of hues like pale, mustard, sun-kissed or muted, the options are endless for incorporating this beautiful shade into your home.

  • Want to make a common room more soothing? Opt for a saturated or buttery tint. Looking to expand the space in a room? Pale will be your best bet, as it’s natural and reflects light. And if your overall goal is to bring a heavenly ambiance to your home, opt for a cheerful bright tone.
  • Create warmth in your kitchen with a saturated yellow, as it’ll make it cozy yet clean and fresh.
  • Embrace the natural, old-world charm by adding brown accents to your yellow additions.