5 Traits Every Small Business Owner Should Strive For

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5 Traits Every Small Business Owner Should Strive For

Running an independent business is hard work. Running a successful independent business is even harder.

If there’s one thing setting your company apart, however, it’s you – the business owner.

But as you’ve probably realized over the years, nobody’s perfect. And there’s always room for improvement. So whether you’re just starting out or already counting down the days to retirement, here are five traits every small business owner should strive for.

Passion. Passion is perhaps one of the most important traits a business owner can have. If you don’t have an overall sense of pleasure, happiness and enjoyment when you’re clocking in those long hours, you will burn out, fade away or both. Also, passion is contagious. It will motivate your coworkers to go above and beyond and keep your customers coming back for years.

Tenacity. Whether you own a restaurant, a pet store or a paint and decorating shop, there will come a time when business isn’t as great as you would like. No matter the cause of the lull, the one thing that will get you through this tough time is your tenacity. Successful business owners are not easily defeated and often find ways to see failures as opportunities for growth and success.dreamstime_s_35437745

Outside Abilities. In today’s highly digital world, simply handing out promotional flyers to attract customers to your business isn’t going to cut it. Small business owners, no matter which industry they’re in, have to hone in on their various skills to ensure success. Whether it’s social media savvy, marketing expertise or an eye for design, take full advantage of your arsenal of talents. And, of course, never be afraid to pick up new ones.

Flexibility. Successful business owners know that it’s important to stay flexible and open to the market changes around them. No matter what kind of business you own, there’s a good chance that everything is done differently now than it was 10 – or even five – years ago. The ability to adapt will keep your business fresh, present and open to new challenges while establishing your brand as an industry leader.

Confidence. Whether your goals are to strengthen your social media presence or increase your monthly sales target, the most important trait you should have as a business owner is confidence. You have to believe in yourself, your company and what it is you’re selling. If you don’t, who else will? If your business has grown from a place of passion and confidence, all of your goals will be succeeded.