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Oct 13 2015 Webinar.indd
Black Ink: Cash flow management secrets your accountant never shared

How about a crystal ball for your business? What if you could know a year in advance how much inventory and how much cash your business would have? That would surely allow you to take advantage of many more opportunities as well as avoid mistakes by having too little cash on hand. This class will help you to know how Learn More

Making More Money Because You Have a Business Plan

The old adage of ‘planning to fail because of failing to plan’ rings true with a paint store. Having a business plan can help you eliminate mistakes because you’ve made decisions in advance. You know what type of customer you are targeting so you will make fewer merchandising mistakes. You know what kind of employees you want so you will Learn More

Online Contests

You’ve heard it all before, just like us. Like us, follow us, pin it to win it, etc. But whether or not you’re a fan of popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, they have proven so effective for so many retailers that they are now almost a mandatory part of doing business. In particular, social media contests are Learn More

Free Social Media Tools

Do you ever see posts and images on Facebook and wonder how they did that? In this PDRA webinar, you’ll learn about some online tools that paint and decorating stores can use to enhance all forms of social media. Best of all, these tools are free and simple to use. With such topics as adding text to images, creating photo Learn More

Five Ways to Make Your Facebook Business Page Rock!

Do you have a Facebook page for your businesses but are always stuck on deciding what to post? Or maybe you are one that is always trying to decide how to measure your efforts. In this webinar, we will look at some great examples of paint and decorating stores using images, clever status updates and videos to take your Facebook Learn More

Pinning Down Pinterest

If ever there was a social media network that is closely suited to the paint and decorating industry, that site is certainly Pinterest. Pinterest is the latest social media phenomenon, attracting consumers who want to share their mutual interests on a multitude of topics such as home decorating, crafts, recipes and more. The site is especially popular with women, ages Learn More

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