January 26, 2015
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Five Reasons Independent Retailers Should Be Blogging

Remember when blogs were little more than personal online journals chronicling the musings of industry experts and intrepid travelers?

Those days are history.

More than ever, blogging has become a popular way for businesses to spread their message, engage their audience and drive sales. And regardless of industry or geographic location, it seems to be working.


Five Investments Every Independent Retailer Should Be Making

A dollar is a dollar is a dollar.

But when it comes to spending money on your business, not all expenses are created equal. Some, while necessary, offer little in the way of return on investment. Others, however, can pay off in spades and have you seeing more black than you ever thought possible.


Twelve Traits That Make Retail Employees Irreplaceable

If good help is hard to find, it’s even harder to hold on to.

In the world of paint and decorating retail, which is largely driven by sales and customer service, good employees can make the difference between failure and success. And while there’s rarely a shortage of resumes coming in, detecting the diamonds in the rough remains one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners.


Five Affordable Marketing Tips For Independent Retailers

As an independent retailer in the paint and decorating industry, marketing is as essential for your success as the products you carry and the services you offer. Unlike giant corporations, which can get by on their seemingly unlimited advertising budgets and sheer volume of sales, small businesses are built on reputation and image.


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