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Five Essential Tools to Master the Art of Upselling

Whether it’s that delicious donut with your morning coffee or the contemporary accent chair to complement your new sofa set, chances are you’ve experienced the art of upselling as a consumer. As an independent retailer in the paint and decorating industry, upselling is important to not only boost your bottom line, but also to establish your small business as more than just a paint store.


12 Tips To Master Email Marketing

Powerful, fast and highly effective, email marketing is one of the most important weapon in a small business owner’s arsenal. It is a trusted, professional and affordable way to communicate your message to the masses in a short period of time. Used properly, it is an effective and efficient way to both stay in touch with existing customers and attract new ones.


Five Ways To Avoid Burnout And Achieve A Healthy Work-Life Balance

As an independent retailer, your objective extends simply beyond turning a profit. Part of a small business’s purpose is to serve its community and satisfy the wants and the needs of its customers. Part of your purpose should also be to go above and beyond by providing a wide array of products and a one-stop shopping experience. In the world of paint and decorating, the line of products you carry is limited only by your imagination. Whether your customer is looking to brighten up a bedroom, finish that DIY project in the kitchen or redecorate a living room, they should have to look nor further than the aisles of your store.


Educate Staff and Boost Sales with PDRA’s Coatings Specialist Course

One of the most prominent challenges as an independent retailer is establishing a competitive advantage over your competitors. Whether that means the lowest prices, the hottest products or top-notch customer service, outshining the other guys is essential in the world of small business. In an industry like paint and decorating, one of the best ways to set yourself apart is


Happy Holidays from PDRA

The holiday season is a time for giving and feeling gratitude for every blessing from the past year. Here at Paint & Decorating Retailers Association, we’re grateful to our members and advertisers for another year of support and partnership. Since starting out in 1947, it has been our mission to educate and support the independent paint and decorating retailer –

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